Step by step instructions to Say Good in Spanish

How To Say Good In Spanish: The essential word for “great” in Spanish is “bueno” (boo-EHN-goodness). Regardless of whether you don’t know a lot of Spanish, you may as of now be comfortable with this word. Bueno is a descriptive word. Utilize the word bien (BEE-ehn) when you need a thing or a verb modifier. Whenever you’ve dominated Bueno, take your Spanish to the following level with slang words and basic expressions that join the word.

Strategy 1.Describing Something as “Bueno”

1. Say “bueno” (boo-EHN-gracious) when something is acceptable. Bueno is the essential method to say “great” in Spanish. As a modifier, it is utilized likewise to the manner in which the word great is utilized in English. It implies something that is appropriate, positive, or ethically proper.

  • For instance, you may say “Este Libro es Bueno,” or “This book is acceptable.”

2. Change the closure of concurring in sexual orientation and number. Since Bueno is a descriptor, it should concur in sexual orientation and number with the thing it’s altering. On the off chance that the thing is female, you would say “Buena” (boo-EHN-ah). Add as far as possible if the thing is plural.

  • In case you’re befuddled, simply search for what’s being depicted as great. That is the thing the descriptor Bueno necessities to concur with.
  • For instance, you may say “eso es una Buena señal” to signify “this is a decent sign.” Since the word señal is ladylike, you would utilize the female type of the word Bueno. In the event that there were a few signs as opposed to only one, you would say “Estas child Buenas señales.”

3. Abbreviate the word to “buen” before manly things. On the off chance that you are to some degree acquainted with Spanish, you may perceive that Bueno is the manly type of the word. Yet, when it happens to precede a manly thing, you drop the completion.

  • For instance, a solitary companion may regret “Un buen hombre es difícil de encontrar,” which signifies “A decent man is elusive.” Since the word hombre is a manly thing, Bueno is abbreviated to buen.
  • Be that as it may, if the word Bueno shows up after the manly thing changes, you don’t abbreviate it by any means. For instance, “Es un informe Bueno” or “It is a decent report.”
  • Bueno may for the most part show up previously or after the thing. For instance, “el Libro Bueno” and “el Buen Libro” are both right.

4. Add “muy” (MOO-ee) to say “awesome.” The word muy is a verb modifier that signifies “very.” You can place it before Bueno to escalate the descriptor. While the word Bueno still necessities to concur with the thing in sexual orientation and number, the word muy never shows signs of change.

  • For instance: “Este vino es muy Bueno” (This wine is awesome).

5 Use “válido” (VAH-lee-doh) on the off chance that you imply that something is substantial. In the event that you need to discuss something being current, all together, or worthy, you may utilize the word great in English. In Spanish, you would utilize the word válido.

  • For instance, you would say “Mi pasaporte es válido por 10 años” to signify “My visa is acceptable [valid] for a very long time.”
  • You may likewise utilize válido to say that something is right or precise. For instance: “Es un texto válido.” (It is a substantial book.)

6 Avoid “Bueno” to depict yourself. At the point when somebody asks you how you’re doing (¿Cómo estás?”) you may be enticed to answer “Estoy Bueno” or “I’m acceptable.” Just as in English, this is syntactically incorrect.

  • Bueno is a modifier. At the point when you say “Estoy Bueno,” this might be deciphered like you are saying “I’m attractive.” If you circumvent telling individuals that, they’ll believe you’re pompous.

Strategy 2. Utilizing “Bien” as a Noun or Adverb

1. Say “Bien” (BEE-ehn) to discuss uprightness or advantage. In Spanish, great can be a thing just as a modifier. The thing structure, Bien, is utilized for something that is valuable or positive.

  • For instance, you may say “esto no habría Estado been” to signify “that would not have been acceptable.”

2. React “Estoy Bien” (ESS-toy BEE-ehn) to signify “I’m fine.” The word bien is additionally utilized in Spanish as a qualifier, like a word well in English. On the off chance that somebody asks you how you’re doing (“¿Cómo estás?”) you can answer by saying “Estoy been.”

  • For the most part, you can comprehend when best to utilize bien and Bueno in the event that you consider when you would appropriately utilize the words great in English.

3. Say “¡Muy bien!” to answer uplifting news. In the event that somebody enlightens you regarding an accomplishment or positive turn of events, ¡Muy has been! is utilized similarly you may say “Approach to go!” or “Useful for you!” in English.

  • For instance, in the event that you watched a companion score the triumphant objective in his soccer match, you may say “¡Muy Bien! Lo hiciste amiable!” or “Awesome! You did incredibly!”
  • Muy Bien is additionally utilized as an expression signifying “great,” equivalent to what you would say that in English. For instance: “Trabajamos muy bien juntos.” (We function admirably together.)

4. Utilize the plural “Los Bienes” to discuss stock. In English, it’s entirely expected to allude to stock as “merchandise,” especially in a retail or business setting. In Spanish, you utilize the plural of the thing bien.

  • For instance: “La gente tiende a pagar en efectivo por los bienes y servicios.” (People will in general compensation cash for products and ventures.)

Strategy 3. Learning “Great” Phrases

1. Utilize the plural structure to say “hello” or “goodnight.” In Spanish, you can see the word Bueno in the expressions “Buenos días” (great morning) and “Buenas Noches” (goodbye).

  • “Buenos días” could be in a real sense interpreted as “great days,” yet it’s utilized basically to signify “good day.”
  • “Buenos Noches” is utilized more like “goodbye” would be utilized in English, as it tends to be both a hello and a goodbye.

2. Attempt “Buena Onda” (boo-EHN-ah OHN-dah) as slang for “cool.” While the expression in a real sense signifies “great wave,” numerous Latin Americans utilize this expression to signify “cool” or “great vibe.” You may hear it utilized in Argentina and Chile, just as parts of Mexico.

  • Spanish is a more conventional language than English, so be cautious about who you utilize this expression with. You wouldn’t have any desire to talk this nonchalantly to somebody more seasoned than you or in a place of power.

3. Discussion about lifeless things with “benzo” (boo-ehn-AHS-soh). Especially in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Peru, this pleasant change of the word bueno implies you’re saying a specific article is truly cool. Ordinarily, it isn’t utilized to depict people.

  • For instance, you may say “Ese coche es benzo” or “That vehicle is cool.”
  • While you may hear benzo used to portray individuals, the significance of the word is diverse in various nations, and may not generally be free. Ask somebody what it implies before you endeavor to utilize it to discuss an individual.

4. Use “task Bien” (TOH-doh BEE-ehn) to say “all great.” Just as in English, Spanish speakers have a typical expression that signifies “all great” or in a real sense “all well.” The expression is utilized in Spanish in comparable circumstances as it would be in English.

  • For instance, a mother may say “Están muy calvados, niños. ¿Va task bien?” (You’re excessively peaceful, kids. Is everything alright?”) The children answer “¡Todo Bien, mamá!” (All great, mother!).
  • The expression likewise shows up in “hasta aquí task bien,” which signifies “everything looks OK.”

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